As it stands now, the goal of my project is to have the students develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability plan for their home, our classroom, and ultimately the school itself. The aspects of sustainability I want them to focus on are recylcing, reduction of waste and consumption, reusing of resources, using reusable resources, transportation, energy usage, and space usage. The cornerstone of the project will be a visit to the Groundworks Science Barge, which is a sustainable urban farm. Info can be found here:

And Here

Also, I am trying to get the Sustainable South Bronx Project to come in and speak to the students about ways they can make their own lives more sustainable. Their website is here:

I have a visit to the barge scheduled for the week after next.

The ultimate goal of my project is for my students to develop a "sustainability index", with rubric, based on eight components of sustainability outlined above, and to rate our school using this student-designed rubric.

The next step is to detail a targeted, specific and attainable plan for the school to improve their index score.

To help them in their project, my students will tour a local park near Pugsley Creek that has a history of pollution problems, make a visit to the Science Barge which models sustainable practices, and have a speaker from the Sustainable South Bronx organization come in and help them create their index.

Here is the Pelicanweb link Dr. Craven sent out in class

Update: Project finished. Below are some curriculum materials and assorted sample student products.

Rationale Paper:

Here is my powerpoint describing my project:

Here are three lesson plans for the activity aspects of my project:

Here is the assignment description for the teacher:

Here are some sample student products, including a completed rubric, research plan, questionnaire for Sustainable South Bronx speaker, and sustainability plan for one component of rubric: