The general idea for my project is based on the idea that my school is already affiliated with a CBO - The DreamYard Project.
The DreamYard Project is designed to bring art into schools and help students' discover and learn through art.
With this in mind, I am working on a Chemistry in Art project where my students will hopefully get to go to the Met and possibly other sites to learn about forensic art and the science involved in art restoration and identifying real vs. false frescoe paintings.
The hope is that students who may not otherwise be engaged or interested in science will see the connection with art, which most of them really enjoy. The DreamYard project has a lot of connections and resources, and our hope is that they will help to bring additional activities back into the classroom, in addition to funding the trip and project.

Comment: As per our in-class discussion, your idea has great potential. Keep me posted via this page on your progress.