My project for Community Resources is going to encompass the unit on electrical power and energy. I want to use New York City's power/electrical grid, as well as the power plants around NYC to answer critical questions surrounding:
1) How do major urban areas access energy?
2) How do generators convert various forms of energy into electrical energy?
3) What are the major types of energy from which NYC derives power? How are they different/similar to one another?
4) How does our understanding of static electricity, circuit electricity, and mechanical work/power/energy aid our understanding of electrical power?
5) How does power travel large distances?
6) What are the essential elements in our power grid system?

The resources in the community that would be used are field trips to:
1) Kensico Project - small hydropower facility in westchester county
2) 500 MW combined-cycle power plant in Astoria, Queens (or the neighboring Poletti power project).